CLASS ACTION – City of Thunder Bay Flood

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When Christopher Watkins heard about the flood he and members of his firm marched into Thunder Bay’s East End with a mission for the people effected by this tragedy. ¬†Watkins Law P.C. and Kim Orr Barristers P.C. are prosecuting a class action against the City of Thunder Bay for its failure to properly maintain and operate the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant (“Plant”). The Claim alleges that the City failed to perform routine maintenance at the Plant and to adequately operate the Plant during the May 28, 2013 rainstorm in the Thunder Bay area. As a result of the City’s alleged negligence, the Plant shut down on May 28, 2012 and remained out of service for approximately two weeks. This caused homes and properties in the surrounding area to be flooded with sewage, water and other contaminants for several weeks.

The action was certified as a class action by the Court on September 23, 2013 upon the consent of both parties. To view the court approved Notice of Certification, please click here NOTICE OF CERTIFICATION

The certified class consists of:
(a) Subclass I (“Residents”): All persons (including insured claims and subrogated interests and uninsured claims) who owned or occupied on or
after May 28, 2012 that was flooded as a result of the Plant; and

(b) Subclass II (“FLA Claimants”): Those persons, including minors, who suffered the loss of guidance, care and companionship of any of their
family members, which family members were Residents, or who incurred out of pocket expenses for the benefit of or to visit any of the said
family member or who provided nursing, housekeeping or other services for any of the said family as a result of their injuries arising out of
May 28, 2012 flood.

Individuals who fall within the above subclasses are automatically included in the class.

Your are not requires to do anything further at this stage to be included in the class action. If you do not wish to be included, you must send a written notice to Watkins Law P.C. by November 22, 2013.

To view a list of frequently asked questions and answers, please click here FAQ of the City of Thunder Bay Class Action

The next step in this action is for the parties to engage in documentary production in preparation for a trial of the common issues.

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