Ontario Crown Ward Class Action


This class action was initiated by Christopher Watkins fulfilling a promise he made to a First Nation Client in Ontario many years ago and  claims that the Ontario government systematically failed to take all necessary steps to protect the legal rights and claims of children in its care.  Watkins Law partnered with the highly seasoned and experienced Jonathan Ptak, of Koskie Minsky Law Firm in Toronto and Garth Myers of the same firm.  Together this Group of Counsel crafted and created this pioneer human rights Class Action in Ontario.

In Ontario, a child may be removed from the care of his or her parents and put into the care of the Province for reasons that included physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. In Ontario, permanent wards for whom the Province has legal responsibility are called Crown Wards.

Crown Wards were victims of criminal abuse, neglect and tortious acts as children, and as a result of which, were removed from the care of their families and placed under the of the Province of Ontario. These children were also victims of abuse, neglect, and tortious acts while under the age of 18 and in the care of Ontario.

As a result of the crimes and torts committed against them prior to and during their Crown Wardship, the class members were entitled to apply for Criminal Injuries Compensation Board and to commence proceeding for civil damages.

The suit claims the province failed to all necessary steps to protect the rights of Crown wards to apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board or to file personal injury claims for children who were abused prior to or while in the care of the Province.

The Class action seeks to include all person who became Crown Wards in Ontario on or after January 1, 1966, the date that the Province of Ontario voluntarily accepted legal responsibility and guardianship of Crown Wards.

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