Community Involvement 1

The Counsel and Staff pride themselves as having one of the highest levels of community involvement and human rights records in the country.

Every counsel with the firm is a leader in community involvement and in a significant aspect of human rights.

David Shannon, former counsel to Watkins Law and Co Team Leader of Team Independence 09 with Christopher Watkins , has one of the most outstanding human rights records of any legal counsel in the country. A pioneer in human rights advocacy and author on the subject, for those with disabilities his activism has made him an iconic roll model of the will to overcome any obstacle and he remains an example to all who meet him or follow his path. He has been recognized by every level of government and hold several world records involving human rights activism. The awards and recognitions he has received are to numerous to list and some can be seen under his lawyer profile. For his exemplary work herecently was invested into both the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario. (see lawyer profile)

Christopher Watkins, has spent a lifetime of volunteerism and human rights advocacy. He has a keen sense of fighting for the underdog and not letting any challenge daunt him. He has been recognized for his community involvement at every level of government. He has been four times recognized as a “Citizen of Achievement” by his City Government,twice recieved volunteerism awards from the Lt. Governor of the Province of Ontario. Has been recognized by the Federal Government in the Year of the Volunteer. Has been personally congratulated in correspondence by a sitting Prime Minister of Canada and Ministers in the Government of Ontario. Recently, for his human rights work he has received two Order of Knighthood. One from the world wide Order OSMTH where he has the post nominals KTJ (Knight of the Temple of Jeruselum) as well as the Order of St George Canada (patroned by Generals Hillier and McKenzie) post nominals KstG. (see lawyers profile for full list)

Nancy Erickson (retired), brings a lifetime of volunteerism within the community having sat on multiple committies to improve the lives of those in the community. She has established herself as an example to others and while assertive and successful brings an elegance and dignity in her presence inspiring others to achieve the best results they can for the community. Nancy is a stalwart protector of animal rights as well. She works and continues to work by volunteering her support to shelters for abused or abandon animals. Nancy is committed to a healthy community where all its inhabitants human or animal live with dignity, pride and the necessities of life. (see lawyer profile)