Watkins Law has three lawyers on the legal team that is representing the members of the RCMP Class Action group, namely Alexander Zaitzeff, Nancy Erickson and Christopher Watkins.


RCMP Class Action


RCMP Class Action

This lawsuit has been brought by former RCMP constable Janet Merlo as a proposed class action. Ms. Merlo is the plaintiff acting on behalf of female RCMP members. Ms. Merlo alleges that she and fellow female Members, Civilian Members and Public Service Employees were subject to gender-based discrimination, bullying and harassment and that the RCMP failed to exercise the duty to women in the RCMP to ensure that they could work in an environment free of gender-based discrimination, bullying and harassment.

A class action is a lawsuit that groups people with a common claim together against the same defendants. Class actions allow people whose voices might otherwise go unheard to fight together for a common interest. This process makes it possible for people, by joining together, to challenge even the largest corporations and organizations.

Each class action is unique but, in most cases, the major steps are as follows. The court will appoint a case management judge who is assigned to this lawsuit. This judge will oversee the case and hear the arguments made by the plaintiff and the RCMP (the “parties”). The parties will meet before the case management judge and set a schedule leading to the certification hearing. At the certification hearing, the court will permit, or “certify”, the case as a class action if several criteria are met as outlined in the Class Proceedings Act. A “representative plaintiff”, whose job is to fairly and adequately represent the interest of the “class”, will also be appointed. Once certified, the lawsuit begins. Certification is then followed by a “common issues” trial where issues common to all class members are tried before a judge. If the plaintiff is successful in a common issues trial, a process is designed to decide issues that are unique to each individual class member.

Klein Lyons of Vancouver, British Columbia and Watkins Law of Thunder Bay, Ontario are the law firms that are representing the plaintiff and if certified as a class action, will act on behalf of the class.

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If you are or were an employee of the RCMP and would like more information about this lawsuit, please contact:

Nancy Erickson