RCMP CLASS ACTION – CLASS ACTION RCMP  – Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gender Based Discrimination Class Action 

The RCMP CLASS ACTION – CLASS ACTION RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police Class Action

Watkins Law Professional Corporation is proud on its active involvement in the initiation of this RCMP CLASS ACTION.  Watkins Law Professional Corporation remains a contracted consortium partner on this RCMP CLASS ACTION with Klein Lawyers in British Columbia.

The significance of the RCMP Gender based discrimination class action will be a lasting bench mark in equality rights in our Country.  Alexander Zatizeff  who was then Counsel to Watkins Law P.C.  initiated and developed this pivotable Class Action which will set a watermark in Canadian history and Policing in our Nation.  Mr. Zaitzeff now is President of Zatizeff Law an independent legal Corporation.   Early in the process WLPC guided by Mr. Zaitzeff entered into a strategic partnership by agreement with Klein Lawyers of British Columbia.  Under the leadership of David Klein this Action has been vigorously pursued with litigation.   Subsequently, the renowned Class Action Counsel Won Kim of Kim Barristers in Toronto Ontario became active partners in this historic proceeding.  Within the last year Zatizeff Law and Kim Barristers lead by lead counsel Mr. Kim have proceeded with a concurrent Class Action on behalf of discrimination victims as well.

One of the primary and first discriminated  officers to step forward and approach Mr. Zaitzeff with a mind to bring the issue of discrimination within the RCMP was Heli Kijanen.   Ms. Kijanen’s braves steps were the genisis of this action and she was joined by other initiating officers and ex-officers who had a true belief that Canada’s primary policing institution must be it’s finest in every regard. With a mind to reforming this institution not tearing it down, but rebuilding in a manner that would continue Canada’s pride of it into the future Heli and others like her continued their brave steps forward to this day.

Since she became a prime initiator of the RCMP Gender Based Discrimination Class Action, Heli returned to school and is now a Law Society of Upper Canada recognized Paralegal. She vigorously pursues actions and matters on behalf of her clients as outlined by the Law Society Regulations as well as assisting highly experienced trial counsel Christopher Watkins on complex litigation matters.  Heli will be actively assisting RCMP members through Watkins Law Professional Corporation and Counsel Mr. Watkins as they prepare to process their complex claims as Class Members of the RCMP Class Action.   You can contact Heli to assist you in your preparation for representation by Mr. Watkins here at WLPC  (807) 345 -4455  through Mr. Watkins e mail at cc.watkins@hotmail.com or to her directly at copterlaw@gmail.com

Christopher Watkins and the Staff of WLPC continue to salute the bravery and dogged determination of Ms. Kijanen in her primary role in assisting all those who were and are discriminated against within the RCMP.  With people like Heli we can change the world.