On April 22, 2016 the Government of Ontario was served with Notice of Claim by the firms of Koskie Minsky in Toronto and Watkins Law Professional Corporation in Thunder Bay (  lead by highly experienced counsel with a proven track record of the highest success in institutional Class Actions and/or Trial Advocacy,  Jonathan Ptak and James Sayce (Koskie Minsky) and Christopher Watkins of WLPC (Litigation Solutions and Class Actions)

The understaffing conditions and state of the institution have lead to myriad human rights abuses and failures of care resulting in some severe injuries to those housed there.

42% of people who have spent time in this institution  have not, or were not ever convicted of a criminal offence.  Potential Class Members have suffered illness and injury including sexual and physical assaults, lack of programs, 23 hour a day lock downs and horrendous and unsanitary living conditions.