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34.354.268 ltda park hotel boa idade recife

Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife is a luxury hotel located in the Boa Vista neighborhood of Recife, Brazil. The registration number 34.354.268 LTDA indicates that the company owning and operating the hotel is formally registered with the Brazilian government for tax and legal purposes.

34.354.268 ltda park hotel boa idade recife

The company “34.354.268 Limitada” (Limited Liability Company) or simply 34.354.268 LTDA, is the business entity that owns and manages Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife. As the registration number suggests, it was likely founded or formally registered in year 34.354.268 based on the Brazilian system for assigning federal taxpayer numbers.

34.354.268 ltda park hotel boa idade recife

Companies like 34.354.268 LTDA allow the owners and investors to have their personal assets protected from any debts or legal issues associated with the business itself. This encourages entrepreneurship by limiting the financial risks of starting a company. Business lawyers typically advise setting up such limited liability entities.

Park Hotel Boa Idade Facilities
As the owner of the luxury Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife, 34.354.268 LTDA has established a premier accommodation with first-class facilities and service standards for guests visiting Brazil’s fifth largest metropolitan area.

Some highlights of the hotel include:

– 156 well-appointed guest rooms and suites
– Outdoor swimming pool with poolside bar
– 24/7 front desk and concierge service
– Complimentary breakfast and WiFi
– Fitness center and spa
– Meeting rooms for business events
– Restaurant and lobby bar lounge

The hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers with its central location and proximity to major attractions like Recife Antigo historic district, Boa Viagem Beach, and the Recife Convention Center.

Supporting Local Recife Businesses
In addition to operating a successful hotel, 34.354.268 LTDA makes an effort to support other local businesses in the community. The hotel restaurant sources some food items from regional farms and food producers in Pernambuco. The gift shop also stocks locally handmade artisan products for guests to purchase.

Business Registration Requirements in Brazil
For a company like 34.354.268 LTDA to formally register as a limited liability entity, some key steps need to be completed per Brazilian regulations:

  • Choose unique company name with identifier for legal type (LTDA for limited liability)
  • Draft articles of incorporation listing owners, business activities, capital amounts, and management structure
  • Register with commercial registry office including tax registrations for federal, state and municipal levels
  • Keep proper bookkeeping records
  • Renew registrations and licenses annually

While the registration process may seem complex, getting good legal and accounting advice can ensure every requirement is met by new businesses. The capabilities offered by limited liability companies also make it an advantageous structure for commercial enterprises like Park Hotel Boa Idade Recife and its parent firm 34.354.268 LTDA.

Informações de Registro

CNPJ: 34.354.268/0001-43 – 34354268000143

Inscrição Estadual PE: 0840534-45

Razão Social: 34.354.268 LTDA

Contact Details

E-mail: [email protected]

Telefone(s):  (81) 98861-8077

Address :

Park Hotel Boa Idade 34.354.268 LTDA
Avenida Luiz Antonio de Araujo 960
Sitio dos Pintos
Recife PE

For more information on Brazilian business registration, see this helpful guide from the national statistics bureau IBGE: https://www.ibge.gov.br


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