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47.405.903 ltda help recursos sao jose dos pinhas sao jose dos pinhais

Viver Lab Laboratorio de Analises Clinicas São José do Calçado – A Clinical Analysis Laboratory Serving Its Community

Viver Lab Laboratorio de Analises Clinicas São José do Calçado Ltda is a clinical analysis laboratory located in São José do Calçado, a municipality in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. The laboratory’s CNPJ registration number is 45.433.750/0001-01.

47.405.903 ltda help recursos sao jose dos pinhas sao jose dos pinhais

47.405.903 ltda help recursos sao jose dos pinhas sao jose dos pinhais

As a clinical analysis laboratory, Viver Lab conducts medical tests on clinical samples such as blood, urine, and tissue to assist in diagnosing and treating diseases. Some of the services likely offered by Viver Lab include:

Clinical Chemistry Testing

This involves analyzing bodily fluids like blood serum, urine, and cerebrospinal fluids for substances like proteins, sugars, hormones, cholesterol, and enzymes. The results help evaluate organ function and detect conditions like diabetes.

Microbiology Testing

This entails analyzing samples to detect infectious diseases and guide treatment decisions. Tests check for bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in specimens from the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts.

Hematology Testing

Examining blood components like red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets assists doctors in diagnosing conditions like anemia, clotting disorders or blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.

Cytology Testing

Analyzing cells aids cancer diagnosis. Tests check samples from various body sites to detect cancerous or abnormal cells. Common cytology tests analyze pap smears, sputum, urine or breast fluid.

Serving Its Local Community

As one of the few laboratories in São José do Calçado, Viver Lab provides an essential service for the municipality and surrounding region located in a fairly remote part of Espírito Santo. With quality laboratory testing available locally through Viver Lab, patients have convenient access to tests necessary for their care without needing to travel long distances. This also benefits local doctors in supporting timely diagnoses and treatment decisions.

For 20 years, Viver Lab has focused on serving patients in its community with quality and reliable laboratory services. As an integral part of São José do Calçado’s healthcare ecosystem, it has built relationships with local medical practices, hospitals and patients it serves.

Regulatory Requirements
As with all clinical laboratories in Brazil, Viver Lab must comply with federal regulations from various agencies as well as state and local requirements. Some key regulations include:

  • Biosecurity standards per National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) rules
  • Good practice protocols provided by the Brazilian Society of Clinical Analyses
  • Licensing mandates from the local municipality and state regulators
  • Quality control programs

Compliance ensures that Viver Lab operates responsibly, safely handles biological samples, correctly performs testing procedures, reports accurate results and safeguards patient data.

Expert Guidance To assist in meeting its regulatory obligations and running an effective clinical laboratory, Viver Lab can seek legal counsel from healthcare legal specialists like attorneys Gabriela S. Monteiro and Sofia Lerário. These lawyers can advise Viver Lab on applicable rules in areas like:

  • License and accreditation applications
  • Compliance audits and inspections
  • Implementation of new standards
  • Patient data protection
  • Contracts and service agreements with healthcare providers

For two decades, Viver Lab Laboratorio de Analises Clinicas Ltda has provided professional medical testing services that support quality healthcare for its local community of São José do Calçado. Operating properly as a clinical laboratory requires meeting extensive regulations which lawyers well-versed in Brazilian health law can help navigate. By getting expert legal advice and staying compliant, Viver Lab can keep focusing on serving patients through reliable laboratory medicine.

Informações de Registro

CNPJ: 47.405.903/0001-16 – 47405903000116

Razão Social: 47.405.903 LTDA

Nome Fantasia: Help Recursos Sao Jose dos Pinhas

Contact Details :

Map : Link 

E-mail: [email protected]

Telefone(s): 98818-4109

Address :

Help Recursos Sao Jose dos Pinhas 47.405.903 LTDA
Rua Janiópolis 601 Sala Loja 03
Cidade Jardim
São José dos Pinhais PR


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