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5 Top Golf Cart Safety Tips

While riding golf carts is fun, it comes with a risk of accidents. A study found that almost 10,000 people may be sent to the emergency room annually due to golf cart accidents. The research further revealed that injuries to kids aged 16 and below account for almost 31.2% of all injuries. Golf cart accidents occur due to various reasons.

Negligence on the driver’s part and insufficient safety features can cause golf cart accidents. Poor course maintenance also poses a safety threat. Nonetheless, implementing the right measures can help enhance safety. Discussed below are five golf cart safety tips.

1.Ensure the golf cart is street-legal

Golf carts are gaining popularity as an alternative mode of transport. However, they’re only permitted in some states, as others have banned them from public roads. Before using these rides beyond the golf course, ensuring they’re street-legal is one of the most crucial golf cart safety tips. This is because street-legal golf carts come with more safety features that make them safer for driving on public roads. Several safety features make a golf cart street-legal, including:

  • Headlights and taillights
  • Seat belts
  • Windshield wipers
  • Horn
  • Turn signals
  • Side mirrors
  • Braking system

2.Avoid driving under the influence

Riding a golf cart under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a threat to yourself and others. It can lead to accidents or collisions that can severely injure or even kill passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. Driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance is unlawful and has severe consequences, including:

  • Being arrested
  • Charged in a court of law
  • Getting convicted
  • Getting sentenced for DUI

Ride your golf cart responsibly by not driving under the influence to eliminate safety risks. This will keep not only you but also other road users safe.

3.Don’t exceed the highest load capacity recommended by the golf cart manufacturer

Golf carts are designed to handle a specific weight limit. It’s recommended that a golf cart’s carrying capacity range between 400 and 1500 lbs, depending on the number of passengers it can carry. When it comes to cargo, an average golf cart can tow about 1,000 lbs. Exceeding the maximum weight suggested by your golf cart’s manufacturer increases the possibility of tipping over, leading to an accident.

Additionally, overloaded golf carts are hard to brake and accelerate, which increases the risk of passengers getting thrown from the vehicle during sharp turns. Overloading your golf cart also lowers its safe operation and maneuverability. To prevent accidents, avoid exceeding the highest load capacity suggested by the manufacturer. If your cart has a back carriage, adhere to the manufacturer’s load rating.

4.Keep up with regular golf cart safety inspections

Routine golf cart safety inspections are key to ensuring your ride stays safe. These checks act as a proactive measure that helps spot issues before they become serious safety hazards. Thoroughly inspecting the golf cart’s critical components, including electrical systems and brakes, can ascertain that your ride is in proper working condition, preventing accidents and injuries.

5.Avoid distracted driving

Driving your golf cart while distracted by things inside or outside the vehicle can lead to accidents that can cause serious injuries or death. Avoiding distractions like eating, using your phone, reaching out for things, and more can help boost safety.


Although golf cart riding is exciting, it can also cause accidents. Implementing these golf cart safety tips can be helpful. 


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