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Unraveling the Legal Battle: Association of Related Churches Lawsuit


In a complex legal saga, Stovall and Kerri Weems, founders, and former lead pastors of Celebration Church have now filed a federal complaint unmasking a conspiracy masterminded by a church planting organization and three other pastors. The filing follows a similar lawsuit earlier this year against the Association of related churches lawsuit (ARC), a leading church planting non-profit and certain individuals alleged to have conspired in a scheme to wrest control of Celebration Church and purge the founders from the scene. This detailed article takes a keen look at length, the intricacies of the lawsuit discussing allegations, important personalities in the case and its general implications on both Weemses and Association of Related Churches.

Association of Related Churches Lawsuit

The Allegations Unveiled:

The federal complaint accuses ARC (read about it in https://www.bhamwiki.com/w/Association_of_Related_Churches), Chris Hodges (founder of Church of the Highlands), Dino Rizzo (Executive Director), and John Siebeling (Lead Pastor of The Life Church) of conspiracy. Allegations center on greed and a concerted effort to safeguard the defendants’ fortunes. The accusation alleges that Pastor Weems was targeted for this conspiracy because he refused to expand their congregation. The accused considered Pastor Weems’ missionary activities and company aid as a huge economic threat.

Defendants allegedly collaborated to influence Celebration Church events to remove Pastor Weems for financial gain. Economic interests and religious leadership disputes complicate litigation. The allegations allege the defendants intended to run the church and modify its mission to expand.

The case highlights religious organizations’ vision and financial conflicts, which may lead to litigation. Party and church leadership and governance may be affected by this litigation. The alleged scheme and its impact on Celebration Church will emerge as court proceedings develop, highlighting the delicate balance between financial interests and religious organizations’ mission.

ARC, an Alabama-based independent church cooperation, is accused of concealing and supporting the scheme. The complaint claims the defendants used ARC to seize Celebration Church’s assets and operations. They also accused the defendants of framing the Weemses for financial crimes they did not commit.

Celebration Church is not an ARC-planted church, but the case illustrates their financial ties. Celebration Church has always donated generously to ARC, indicating Stovall Weems was pressured to pay 2% of the budget for church planting. The complaint claims related corporations sustained and strengthened ARC’s power and influence, supporting the conspiracy.

Visions Collide:

Stovall Weems wanted Celebration Church to be less corporate and more revenue-driven. He sought to simplify church processes and concentrate missionary work. The complaint claimed that Weems’ new strategy—including Honey Lake Farms, NorthStream, and AWKNG—conflicted with ARC’s church growth plan.

According to the federal filing, Weems will focus on missions as Founding Pastor and seek a Senior Pastor replacement. The defendants allegedly replaced Weems with Tim Timberlake to promote church development. Timberlake is accused of “undisclosed agent” activities for ARC to link Celebration Church with the defendants.

An Internal Investigation and Eviction:

In-house Investigation Results:

An internal investigation dubbed Stovall Weems a ‘narcissist.’ Weems denied the probe, citing its church removal plan. The investigation uncovered emotional and spiritual abuse, poor leadership, and unreasonable deadlines.


The federal lawsuit against the Association of Related Churches shows complex religious leadership, financial, and visionary conflicts. Church power dynamics and tensions between visionary leaders and established church planting organizations are raised in the court case. This lawsuit may affect Celebration Church and religion.

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