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Monster Energy Emerges Victorious in Bang Energy Drink Lawsuit


In a legal showdown played out across the canvas of the energy drink business, Monster Energy scored an important win against former rival Bang Energy in their false advertising dispute. U.S. Most recently, District Judge Jesus Bernal ruled that Monster Energy is owed $20.9 million in attorneys’ fees and another more than $22 million in additional damages in the bang energy drink lawsuit. The legal setting emanates from said false advertising of Bang Energy’s energy drinks, more particularly the promotion of its drink with “Super Creatine” as cure-all for neurological disorders. The legal saga, including a $293 million judgment for Monster Energy, offers just another window onto the complexities of false advertising claims and the liabilities they create for companies engaging in misleading marketing practices.

bang energy drink lawsuit

Legal Battle Background

Monster Energy sued Bang Energy and CEO Jack Owoc in 2018. Bang Energy was charged by Monster Energy of misleading advertising and other violations. Bang Energy (read about the company in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bang_Energy) falsely promoted its energy drink as a groundbreaking Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s cure, according to the complaint. Monster Energy alleged that false marketing cost them customers and gave Bang Energy market share. As the case revealed, false advertising might hurt the competitive energy drink industry. Monster Energy’s legal struggle underlined the requirement of honesty and truth in product promotion, a critical aspect of beverage marketing ethics. Court proceedings highlighted how deceptive marketing may affect energy drink companies’ finances and market position. Monster Energy sued Bang Energy for fraudulent representations, emphasizing the need of advertising integrity in the dynamic beverage industry.

Decide and Buy

The previous September, Monster Energy obtained a jury verdict that Bang Energy’s beverages did not contain “Super Creatine.” Bang Energy deceived clients about its energy drink’s advantages, the jury found. Monster Energy received $293 million for this key choice. Bang Energy was accused of deceptive advertising, and this monetary judgment is one of the greatest in federal trademark law. Monster Energy won a $175 million lawsuit against Bang, bolstering its trademark infringement case. These legal successes demonstrate Bang Energy’s financial effect and the importance of product transparency in the competitive energy drink industry.

Legal Effects of Bankruptcy

Bang Energy’s bankruptcy leaves Monster Energy’s damages unknown despite the good verdict. Bang went bankrupt after the jury’s ruling, prompting Monster Energy’s $362 million takeover in July. Monster Energy’s Bang liquidation suit rests on Judge Bernal’s recent attorneys’ fees and additional damages ruling.

Judge Bernal’s Decision

U.S. District Judge Jesus Bernal awarded Monster Energy $20.9 million in attorneys’ costs and almost $22 million in further damages for its strong case and Owoc’s “disrespect for the judicial process” throughout the trial. Owoc cited banned materials, rejected cross-examination, berated Monster’s counsel, and contradicted sworn testimony, the court said. Bernal imposed attorneys’ expenses for “unreasonable manner” of litigation.

Monster Energy’s win against Bang Energy emphasizes the significance of honest advertising in the competitive energy drink industry. Marketing deception costs organizations money and reputation. The lawsuit should teach companies about product advertising transparency and truthfulness.


Monster Energy defeated Bang Energy in a landmark case, demonstrating the effects of fraudulent beverage promotion. This case promotes ethical marketing and transparency as the law changes. Bang Energy’s bankruptcy complicates damages enforcement, thus Monster Energy’s court triumph may not reimburse it. This case’s legal precedent will alter how companies promote and the consequences of dishonest marketing.

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