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The Legal Saga of Crumbl Cookies: A Deep Dive into the Crumbl Cookies Crave Cookies Lawsuit

Not just a delicious smell of fresh cookies that was wafting in the air in Utah, but also that specific smell of legal action and brute competition between the giants of cookies. The popular Logan-based chain of cookie-bakery centers, Crumbl Cookies now finds itself part of a rather interesting rivalry in the dessert realm, this time with Dirty Dough LLC. The lawsuit, filed May of 2022, centers billion-dollar trade-secret theft, recipe appropriation, and a war for dominance of Utah’s evolving “cookie wars.” Here we offer you all information about Crumbl cookies crave cookies lawsuit.

Crumbl cookies crave cookies lawsuit

Legal Proceedings:

A lawsuit pits Crumbl Cookies against Dirty Dough. U.S. District Judge Howard C. Nielson Jr. refused Crumbl’s preliminary injunction motion last Friday but ordered Dirty Dough to hand over trade secrets to its competitor. This recipe theft and business rivalry lawsuit shows Utah’s dessert competitiveness.

The Origin of the Conflict:

Conflict Origins In 2019, brothers Bennett and Bradley Maxwell founded Dirty Dough, a cookie-bakery chain becoming a key player in Utah’s “cookie wars.” Logan-based Crumbl Cookies sued Dirty Dough for stealing 66 recipes and vital business data.

Resolution and Controversy:

The tension erupted in September 2021 when Bradley Maxwell, in his last week at Crumbl before being sacked, transferred Crumbl’s files (read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crumbl_Cookies), including valued recipes, to Dirty Dough’s Google Drive. This clandestine strategy led to a dessert industry espionage and recipe theft lawsuit.

Dispute Resolution:

A crucial evidentiary hearing transformed this judicial drama. Dirty Dough and Bradley Maxwell returned the information to settle the issue. United States District Judge Nielson dismissed Crumbl’s preliminary injunction to halt Dirty Dough’s expansion. The court found Crumbl failed to establish irreparable harm deserved such a hefty sentence. He claimed the Bennett Maxwell “corrective public statement” injunction violated his First Amendment rights.

Post Ruling Cases

After the ruling, controversy followed. Crumbl won a big legal victory when the court ordered the delivery of its information, signaling it might substantiate its charges. Bennett Maxwell welcomed Crumbl’s injunction denial, calling it a “greedy billion-dollar company” aiming to strangle cookie entrepreneurs.

The Crumbl-Dirty Dough lawsuit is part of Utah’s “cookie wars.” Crumbl sued Dirty Dough and Crave Cookies. In July, Crumbl and Crave dropped their cases.

On Instagram, Dirty Dough fiercely responded to Crumbl’s claims with #UtahCookieWars. Dirty Dough CEO Bennett Maxwell claimed Crumbl’s stance hurt cookie firms’ growth.

Landscape assessment of Utah’s cookie battleground reveals conflicting results. All 50 states and Puerto Rico have 883 Crumbl Cookies locations. The dessert industry is cutthroat, and Dirty Dough has 32 locations in nine states, including 14 in Utah. Low-profile Crave Cookies operates eight Utah outlets and wants to grow.


The Crumbl Cookies-Dirty Dough lawsuit is a fascinating look at cookie industry rivalry, competitiveness, and legal concerns. In a competitive environment, the war over recipes and trade secrets underscores how crucial intellectual property protection is. The Utah Cookie Wars are still reshaping the dessert world, and this delicious legal story’s twists and turns will affect how cookie firms handle competition and new ideas.

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