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All Important factors on Dwayne Johnson’s $3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson happens to be a very well-known name in Hollywood. The celebrity, coming from the wrestling world started his career in Hollywood and made a great name. However, in the year 2023 he faced a very unexpected legal lawsuit, where $3 billion kidnapping charge was made against him by Trenesha Biggers, a former professional wrestler. A strange bit of affairs followed this lawsuit. Here we will be discussing about that.

Dwayne johnson lawsuit

What Were the Allegations?

The Dwayne johnson lawsuit was done not only against Dwayne Johnson, but also against three other individuals, Billy Corgan, and Michael Jordan. In the lawsuit, Biggers made the claimed that Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia has made a very complicated plot for kidnapping. She also claimed about a conspiracy against her that began once she had the custody of her child in the year 2019 post tampering arrest.

Biggers further made the claim that the defendants made an elaborate plan to kidnap her children after the arrest was made. She had given a detailed account about this matter. There she mentioned that Johnson and Garcia hired a kidnapper to make the abduction possible from Tampa Bay. She claimed that the plan was to send them to Miami. Last but not the least, she claimed that she was also mistreated and threatened by Johnson and the other parties in Miami.

The Legal Response

Biggers’ claim was contested by the lawyers representing Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia on immediate basis. A detail statement was issued by the celebrity couple where they delied any possible involvement in this alleged kidnapping. All accusations were denied.

However, the goals for this abduction plot were quite confusing. It was clear that the Johnsons were totally disinterested and they refused as a result. The confusion and lack of logic made the whole trial a meaningless one. Very soon, Johnson and Garcia were acquitted in June 2023 for lack of evidence and believability.

The Final Legal Verdict

Some weeks after the bombshell was dropped, And the trial started, in June 2023 it came to the conclusion. The lawsuit had an abrupt cancellation as all the inspections and examinations culminated in a complete zero. The court found no proper evidence to consider and therefore, it was a smooth acquittal.

It is a fact that due to the factors concerning fame and recognition, the legal cases gets complicated very often. Huge media coverage results in the spreading of gossips and wrong information. But the way Mr. Johnson tackled the whole state of affair properly, with proper professionalism is worthy of appreciation. In case of such high profile cases, evidence and credibility happens to be the key factors. Johnson was able to keep his image clean and solid thanks to the proper investigation. The case was in focus from the whole Hollywood media for quite a long time. And Johnson and Garcia came victorious in this. It was an actual win all its entirety.

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