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Understanding the Magisto Bipa Class Action Settlement – MagistoBipaSettlement.com


A class action settlement was recently reached regarding allegations over privacy violations and illegal collection of users’ biometric data without sufficient notice or consent by the video editing app Magisto. A website, magistobipasettlement.com, has been set up to provide information and resources to Magisto users who may be eligible to file claims under the terms of this emerging legal settlement regarding biometric data.


Overview of Magisto App

Magisto is a video editing mobile application that allows users to automatically transform photos and video clips into edited movies by using artificial intelligence. At the height of its popularity, Magisto had over 100 million users.

Basis of BIPA Violation Lawsuit

The lawsuit centered around violations of BIPA, the Biometric Information Privacy Act. This is an Illinois state law that imposes certain obligations on private entities that collect biometric data from consumers, such as requiring informed consent.

Specifically, the class action lawsuit alleged that Magisto violated Illinois BIPA regulations by collecting and distributing users’ biometric data from facial scans and voice recognition without adhering to stipulated notice and consent requirements.

Details of Class Action Settlement

To resolve the claims without admitting wrongdoing, Magisto agreed to a settlement establishing a $3.75 million settlement fund which will provide payments for valid claims, attorney fees, litigation expenses and administrative costs.

The proposed settlement is still awaiting final approval from courts, but has advanced significantly in 2022.

MagistoBipaSettlement.com – Role and Offerings

MagistoBipaSettlement.com functions as an information portal regarding this class action settlement over Magisto’s alleged BIPA violations through biometric data collection practices.

The website provides a range of details and resources including:

  • Background on the class action lawsuit and settlement
  • Eligibility criteria for filing a claim
  • Instructions on filing a claim either electronically or via mail
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the claims process, timeline, required information and other common inquiries on the proposed settlement
  • Court documents and official notices pertaining to the case resolution
  • Contact information for the claims administrator to request assistance

The goal of MagistoBipaSettlement.com is to be a trustworthy source keeping Magisto users updated on the pending legal resolution that may entitle them to compensation for improper biometric data usage. It consolidates vital details to inform participants.

In conclusion, a privacy-related class action lawsuit reached a preliminary $3.75 million settlement agreement with the tech company behind popular video editor app Magisto over allegations of BIPA violations through biometric facial and voice recognition data collection practices without adequate user notice or consent based on Illinois state standards. MagistoBipaSettlement.com provides a central online resource for settlement details, eligibility criteria, claims procedures and FAQs to inform potentially impacted Magisto users entitled to file for a share of settlement disbursements pending final approval. It facilitates clearer participation in the legal resolution.


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