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The Class action lawsuit liver king: The Demise of the $25 Million Class Action Lawsuit


That highly publicized $25-million Liver King lawsuit against social media influencer Brian Johnson and his controversial practices of promoting supplements has taken an unexpected turn. According to court records from just a few days ago, the plaintiff in the Class action lawsuit liver king case, Christopher Altomare, dismissed his class action suit with prejudice and voluntarily, in essence ending any further legal drama regarding the case. The circumstances surrounding the dismissal and all of the backdoor dealing in the form of settlement agreements however are shrouded in secrecy as neither side has revealed the details of some kind of settlement made out of court.

Class action lawsuit liver king

Origins of the Liver King Lawsuit:

Late December’s Christopher Altomare lawsuit against social media star Brian Johnson for Liver King revealed a tangled saga of court battles, ethics, and public opinion. Johnson, the Liver King, pushed grass-fed ground organ supplements and raw meat. The Cotter Law Group’s class-action lawsuit accused Johnson of establishing a “cult-like” lifestyle to sell his supplement goods via deceptive advertising and marketing.

Brian Johnson’s Credibility Crisis:

His open apology video disclosed his $11,000-per-month steroid use, altering the legal case. This revelation deepened the lawsuit’s probe into Johnson’s Ancestral Supplements LLC and The Fittest Ever LLC marketing. He faced deceit and marketing claims due to his public persona and steroid use.

The Cotter Law Group, representing Altomare, voluntarily dropped the class-action case with prejudice on March 24, ending court proceedings unexpectedly. Richard D. Collins, a sports nutrition law specialist, termed the court docket “bare-bones” since Altomare ended the lawsuit without submitting documents or explaining why. The departure’s secrecy has fueled speculation about settlements and behind-the-scenes operations.

Legal experts think Altomare’s voluntary dismissal might result in a settlement with financial and remedial actions. Johnson’s absence of a dismissal file and short time between filing and dismissal imply a private settlement, according to Amin Talati Wasserman LLP attorney Jennifer M. Adams. Altomare’s argument’s reliance on deceptive marketing rather than Johnson’s medications’ legitimacy shows its limits.

Legal experts say deceptive advertising is hard to establish, particularly for claims not on product labels. Because implicit promises outside product labels made it impossible to identify whether buyers saw and comprehended marketing language, the Liver King case had problems achieving class certification. Jennifer M. Adams says a class action must prove “commonality” when individual interests predominate, which is challenging.

The Liver King controversy shaped public perception despite legal concerns. Johnson’s video viewership and critical comments have dropped, showing legitimacy and relevance reduction. After using steroids and apologizing, his supporters lost trust. Despite legal and ethical difficulties, the public reaction highlights how people and organizations must maintain authenticity and integrity.

Company Lessons Supplement:

Supplement companies should learn from the Liver King case about advertising and legal problems. Jennifer M. Adams encourages companies to be careful in complex legal disputes and suggests influencer guidelines may limit legal risks. The example promotes ethical and honest marketing in a credibility-driven industry.


The $25 million Liver King lawsuit unexpectedly ends, leaving settlement details and potential agreements unclear. The case exposes supplement marketing class action litigation issues. Beyond legal difficulties, the story encourages natural products influencers and corporations to consider authenticity and ethics since public opinion might hurt their brand.

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