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Fuel Save Pro Lawsuit

Fuel Save Pro is a fuel-saving device that attaches to a vehicle’s engine and claims to increase gas mileage and engine performance. The company behind Fuel Save Pro, Extreme Hybrid Solutions, has faced a class action lawsuit regarding the efficacy and marketing of the product.

Fuel Save Pro Lawsuit

How Fuel Save Pro Works

Fuel Save Pro consists of a small box that connects to a vehicle’s engine using resistor spark plug wires. The device claims to improve engine performance and gas mileage by “stabilizing the electrons” in the combustion chamber. This supposedly leads to more complete fuel burn and less wasted fuel.

The company claims users can improve their gas mileage by up to 25% using the device. The installation process involves removing the existing spark plug wires and connecting the Fuel Save Pro device using their patented resistor wires.

False and Misleading Claims

Despite the company’s claims, there is little evidence to suggest that Fuel Save Pro actually improves fuel efficiency or engine performance. The lawsuit against Extreme Hybrid Solutions cites false and misleading advertising about the capabilities of the device.

Specifically, the lawsuit states that Extreme Hybrid Solutions relies on “pseudoscience” and makes impossible claims about altering atoms and molecules to improve combustion. There is no scientific proof presented to back up their assertions that Fuel Save Pro works as advertised.

Class Action Lawsuit

A class action lawsuit was filed in 2022 alleging that Extreme Hybrid Solutions uses false advertising and deceptive marketing to sell Fuel Save Pro. The lawsuit calls the claims made by the company “simply impossible” and says Fuel Save Pro amounts to nothing more than a wiring harness that cannot possibly yield the advertised fuel savings.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for the thousands of customers who were misled by Extreme Hybrid Solutions marketing and paid hundreds of dollars for the Fuel Save Pro device based on the false premise it would improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Plaintiffs Experienced No Fuel Savings

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit include several Fuel Save Pro customers who state they experienced zero noticeable fuel savings or performance improvements after installing the device. Despite reaching out to the company and requesting a refund, Extreme Hybrid Solutions has rejected requests for refunds even when customers have provided proof the device did not work as claimed, similar to complaints some have made about denied refunds in the amare global lawsuit.

This refusal to honor refund requests even after receiving complaints about product efficacy constitutes bad business practices. The company continued collecting payments for their product knowing that many customers were not getting the purported results.


Company Background

Extreme Hybrid Solutions first announced Fuel Save Pro in 2018, marketing it as a revolutionary device that can alter molecular bonds and increase fuel economy in any vehicle. However, the plaintiffs argue that the company has no credible scientific evidence to support these claims.

In fact, the founder of Extreme Hybrid Solutions has no professional experience or qualifications related to automotive engineering, fuel systems, or chemistry. This lack of expertise calls into further question the legitimacy of the company’s claims regarding its flagship product.

Seeking Repayment for Customers

The class action lawsuit aims to secure refunds for potentially thousands of Fuel Save Pro customers who were deceived by the unsupported fuel efficiency claims. The lawsuit alleges willful deception and unfair business practices on the part of Extreme Hybrid Solutions.

In addition to refunds, the lawsuit seeks to stop the company from making further unsubstantiated claims about the efficacy of Fuel Save Pro. The legal action strives to hold the company accountable for knowingly misleading consumers with their marketing for financial gain.

Outcome Still Pending

As of late 2022, the lawsuit is still underway. Extreme Hybrid Solutions has issued statements denying any wrongdoing and vowing to vigorously defend itself against the legal action. However, the repeated customer complaints about lack of efficacy along with the company making seemingly impossible claims about their product puts them on questionable legal footing.

The outcome of the case will determine if Extreme Hybrid Solutions engaged in deceptive advertising and unfair business practices concerning Fuel Save Pro. The results will also dictate whether past customers receive long-denied refunds for their purchase of the fuel-saving device that appears to have no scientific proof it actually works. Customers who filed complaints about amare global had a similar experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuel Save Pro?

Fuel Save Pro is an aftermarket automotive device sold by Extreme Hybrid Solutions. It claims to increase fuel efficiency and engine performance by “altering molecular bonding” when connected to a vehicle’s engine. Installation involves replacing spark plug wires with the device’s special wiring.

How does the company claim Fuel Save Pro works?

The company claims their device stabilizes electrons in the combustion chamber leading to a more complete burn of fuel. They say this process increases gas mileage anywhere from 15% to 25%. Skeptics argue there is no scientific evidence proving their explanations.

What prompted the lawsuit against Extreme Hybrid Solutions?

A class action lawsuit alleges Extreme Hybrid Solutions relied on false claims not backed by science and misled consumers on the potential benefits of Fuel Save Pro. Plaintiffs in the lawsuit say the device did nothing to improve their vehicles.

What compensation are plaintiffs seeking?

The Fuel Save Pro lawsuit seeks refunds for potentially thousands of customers. Plaintiffs say the company willfully lied about the device’s capabilities. The lawsuit aims to hold Extreme Hybrid Solutions financially accountable and stop false marketing.

What is Extreme Hybrid Solutions background?

Extreme Hybrid Solutions and its founder have no documented expertise in fuel systems or automotive engineering. Critics point out they appear to make pseudoscientific assertions about Fuel Save Pro with no proof it works as advertised.

Has Extreme Hybrid Solutions responded to the lawsuit?

Yes, Extreme Hybrid Solutions denies any wrongdoing. They vowed to vigorously defend themselves against what they claim are unfounded allegations. The pending case will determine if their marketing crossed legal boundaries.

Can Fuel Save Pro increase fuel efficiency?

There is currently no credible independent research that verifies or replicates the fuel savings claims associated with the Fuel Save Pro device. Testing would be required to substantiate any fuel efficiency improvements.

Does the device cause any car problems?

There have been no reports that Fuel Save Pro damages engines or causes mechanical issues. However, disconnecting wiring carries some risk if improperly installed. The lawsuit focuses on efficacy claims and false advertising rather than safety.

What should customers do if they purchased Fuel Save Pro?

Customers who bought Fuel Save Pro and feel they were deliberately misled can consider joining the class action lawsuit in an attempt to recover their payment. Following the case for further updates is also an option.

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