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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney

You and your attorney need to always be on the same page and that is why you should inquire about many things when it comes to your legal representation. These questions can help you get to your goal more effectively, while a lack of communication will bring you the opposite.

What are all the possible outcomes?

When you get together with your lawyer, you need straight answers to all your questions and the most vital one is, What are the possible outcomes of your case? You need this information so that you can weigh whether it is worth it for you to pursue this case at all. Sometimes the legal fees will outweigh the possible money you will get out of the case. Also, all cases last longer than people expect so you should weigh your time as well.

Can you show me your track record?

Whenever you want to work with a lawyer, you should always ask him to present you with cases that are similar to yours and what their result was. You can ask him how the case was being run, whether there were any hiccups along the way and what you did to resolve any issues that happened. Let’s say you need a business lawyer to deal with all the legal complexities regarding your field. As the folks from one Australian law firm explain, it is important that a lawyer has handled hundreds of cases involving areas of commercial and company law, as this is an indication that they can resolve all your issues. This information will also help you determine whether they are the right person for your case who will fight tirelessly to protect your legal rights. 

Who will handle the case?

Usually, people think when they get to a law firm that the person they are talking to will be the same person who will handle their case, but that is not usually true. Because your case is most important to you, you want to know who is going to handle it, their credentials, and other things. If someone else will be taking care of it, then ask them to have a meeting with them to ask what they will be doing.

Are they available?

Every person wants their case to be done in the shortest time possible and that would be great but all lawyers do not have the time to deal with your case right away. That is why you should ask them how soon they will be able to help you. Sometimes swift legal action can be the difference between winning and losing. Also, some people just do not want their case to drag on. 

Are there any risks?

Some cases are filled with risks your lawyer has to take so that they reach victory, while others are straightforward and routine. You need to ask your lawyer what the case is with you so that you do not have to worry. If there are any risks, he will explain them to you and what he expects the outcome to be. 

It is common for clients to be too nervous or focused on their case to ask questions at the first consultation with an attorney. Feel free to bring any follow-up questions to future sessions. As quickly as feasible, you should endeavor to learn these details about your prospective lawyer.


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