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Is It Illegal To Kill A Bald Eagle?

The United States holds the eagle very highly, explaining that it is a representative of freedom, and the eagle is very powerful, holding their might. But that’s not all it is, strict laws are carried out to take care of these mighty birds, which demonstrates how important they are for the story of the country and the environment. We’re going to take a closer look at the rules that keep Bald Eagles safe, a little bit of history study, and find out just what happens if someone breaks these laws and why all of this is so important.

Is It Illegal To Kill A Bald Eagle

Historical Context

By the year 1782, the choice of the bald eagle as a symbol to represent the United States rested on its long life, strong body, and noble look. With the mid-1900s, however, things started taking a different turn for these birds. They were in danger because of too much hunting, losing their homes, and harmful chemicals like DDT. The need to protect it was found by Congress, and coming up with the act in the year 1940, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act was to save them.

Legal Framework

This is very important: the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act says that it will be illegal to bother bald and golden eagles without getting special permission from the government. “Bothering” would mean such activities as hunting, capturing, or even getting near the eagles, their offspring, and their habitats. It is something that can get this lawbreaker into a lot of trouble, and for one breaking it, he or she can pay a lot of money aka can be fined or even stay in jail. In 1962, the law was also made to protect golden eagles, adding to the effort to keep these birds safe.

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Penalties for Violations

Anyone breaking the law will have serious consequences on their heads. A first time, and the person could be out of pocket to the tune of $100,000 and maybe even spending time in jail for a year. Others would have to buy breaks every time the law was broken. The stories of those people getting fined and thrown in jail, just like the man from Tuscarawas County who killed the bald eagle, would tell of how seriously such rules are taken.

Permits and Exceptions

However firm the law is, there are certain instances where the persons can obtain permission for reasons such as science, teaching, or religious practices, including those of importance to Native American religions. This requires quite a process to make sure that any contact with the bald eagles doesn’t harm them.

Cultural and Environmental Significance

The bald eagle is more than a symbol that rests on a badge. It represents the central values of being American, such as freedom and independence, and also is deep in importance to the Native American culture and religious beliefs. From an environmental point of view, the eagle can tell us a lot about the healthiness of places in which it lives, especially the water areas where it finds its food.

Wrapping It Up

The mere fact that it is protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act is an open indication of the way America treats its natural legacy and environment. We all have a role in supporting these efforts to make sure bald eagles continue to fly high in the sky for many years.

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