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Legal Guidance After a Motorcycle Collision: 8 Essential Tips

Being involved in a motorcycle collision can be devastating because there is an excellent chance that you sustained severe injuries because of the mishap. You need to focus on your recovery, but this can be challenging if you are tight on finances. Rest assured that as a motorcycle collision victim, you can acquire fair compensation to cover your expenses because of the mishap. This article enumerates essential legal guidance tips after a motorcycle collision to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Seek Legal Representation 

One of the primary things you need to do when you get involved in a motorcycle collision is to seek legal representation. A seasoned motorcycle accident attorney in Austin suggests opting for the services of a local lawyer because they have intricate knowledge regarding the laws and regulations implemented within the jurisdiction where the accident happened. Note that the laws may vary from place to place, affecting the rules surrounding your claim. You should also seek the help of a legal advocate with ample experience handling the same personal injury cases as yours. A motorcycle accident attorney can handle your case better than a personal injury attorney specializing in workplace injuries or slip-and-fall accidents.

Seek Medical Attention Too

Another thing that you need to do, not only to aid in your legal battle following a motorcycle collision but more so to help with your injuries, is to seek medical attention. Regardless of the gravity of your injuries, let a medical professional assess you. They can offer first aid treatments, tailor a long-term plan to help with your recovery, and, more importantly, provide appropriate medical records outlining the injuries you sustained and their severity. You can use these medical records as vital evidence to support your claim, ensuring you get compensated and cover your medical expenses.

Contact the Police

Regardless of the collision’s severity, you must contact the police to report the incident. This is because the police can take the appropriate action necessary to investigate the case, looking at all angles to ensure that the party responsible for the mishap will be liable for the accident. Ensure that you secure a copy of the police report for your records because this can also be substantial evidence to support your claim later on. It will outline all the details surrounding the accident, including the names and contact numbers of the parties involved and the road and weather conditions when the incident happened.

Exchange Information 

You should also exchange information with the other party, obtaining their names, contact numbers, and insurance details. While you must also provide details, ensure you don’t say anything that can be misinterpreted as admitting fault, such as apologizing for the incident. When discussing the accident, ensure that you stick to the facts of what happened. In this case, having a legal advocate by your side is better to handle any talks with the other party and their representatives. It will also help if you know your rights and options to ensure that you can assert them, even when communicating with the other party involved.

Document the Scene

Document the scene of the accident because this can be a substantial piece of evidence showing who is liable for the mishap. In this case, take photos from different angles, showing varying sides of your motorcycle or vehicle. It will also help if you capture the weather conditions during the time of the mishap as well as the road conditions brought about by the weather. For instance, if it was a rainy day, it could be that the road was slippery, leading to the accident. When you document the scene, make sure that you backup the photos to ensure that if a copy is deleted from one device, you will still have other copies you can present.

Collate Evidence

Remember to collate all the evidence you gathered following the motorcycle collision, starting from the photos you take of the scene. Also, pictures of the injuries you sustained immediately after the mishap show their severity. As soon as you get the proper medical attention, obtain a copy of your medical records and bills and include these in the evidence you are collating. Add to these records a copy of the police report that may consist of any witness statement. Apart from having physical copies of these documents, it will be a good idea to back them up digitally to ensure that whatever happens, you will have access to all the documents you need to present to back up your claim.

Notify the Insurance Company

Ensure you notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. They will likely handle their investigation to assess your eligibility for a claim and how much you should be getting. However, insurance companies may downplay your injuries and damage to your motorcycle or properties. This means that they will only approve a minimal portion as compensation. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to let a legal professional handle negotiations with insurance companies to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

Be Patient

Finally, be patient because the process of getting proper compensation following a motorcycle collision may take a longer time than you expected. This is because of all the paperwork and negotiations involved. Rest assured that if you have a hardworking legal advocate by your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is being taken care of and you will get the right amount of compensation you deserve. In the meantime, focus on healing not only physically but also from the trauma that the accident may have caused.

When you get involved in a motorcycle collision, seek legal representation to assert your rights. You should also seek medical attention and contact the police, who will be able to investigate the accident. Exchange information with the other party involved in the accident and document the scene of the incident, collating all the pieces of evidence you gather. Notify your insurance company and be patient because, with a reputable legal advocate by your side, you can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.


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