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Weston Dean Custom Homes Lawsuit


Background of the Weston Dean Custom Homes Lawsuit

Weston Dean Custom Homes is a home building company based in Dallas, Texas. In March 2021, several homeowners filed a lawsuit against Weston Dean Custom Homes alleging poor workmanship, incomplete work, and failure to honor warranties.

The plaintiffs claimed that Weston Dean made false representations about their ability to deliver high-quality custom homes on time and within budget. They accused the company of cutting corners during construction and using inferior materials in order to increase profits.

Weston Dean Custom Homes Lawsuit

Allegations Against Weston Dean

The homeowners outlined several complaints about the quality of Weston Dean’s work:

  • Faulty foundations leading to major cracks and shifting
  • Improper roofing installation resulting in leaks
  • Defective plumbing and electrical systems
  • Failure to properly grade yards leading to drainage issues
  • Generally poor workmanship throughout the homes

The plaintiffs also alleged that Weston Dean failed to respond to warranty claims in a timely manner. Some homeowners claimed they waited over a year for repairs while living in unsafe or uninhabitable conditions.

Weston Dean’s Response

In its response to the lawsuit, Weston Dean denied any wrongdoing. The company stated that all its homes were built to code and passed rigorous county inspections. Weston Dean acknowledged that some repairs were needed under normal warranties, but denied using substandard materials or cutting corners.

Weston Dean accused the plaintiffs of having unrealistic expectations about problems inherent to new construction. They cited signed contracts and inspection reports as evidence that the homeowners were satisfied with the homes upon purchase.

Status of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit against Weston Dean Custom Homes is still ongoing as of late 2022. Homeowners have cited hundreds of defects they want corrected, while Weston Dean contends only minor repairs are necessary.

Mediation efforts have failed to produce a settlement agreement. As a result, it appears the lawsuit will proceed to trial sometime in 2023 unless a last-minute settlement is reached.

Overall, the case highlights the rising problem of construction defects and poor workmanship in the home building industry. It serves as a warning to homeowners to thoroughly research builders before signing contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many homeowners are part of the lawsuit?

The lawsuit was initially filed by 8 homeowners but has grown to over 20 plaintiffs as more defective Weston Dean homes have been uncovered.

What areas of Texas were affected?

Most of the homes cited in the lawsuit are concentrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area where Weston Dean is based. However, some complaints have come from customers in Austin and Houston as well.

What kind of compensation are homeowners seeking?

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for the costs of repairs, loss of home value, alternative housing during repairs, attorney fees, and punitive damages from Weston Dean.

Does Weston Dean build homes nationwide?

No, Weston Dean operates solely in the state of Texas. The company has built hundreds of homes across Dallas, Austin, Houston and other Texas cities.

How long has Weston Dean been in business?

Weston Dean Custom Homes has been building homes in Texas for over 15 years. It is a well-established company in the region prior to these defect allegations.


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