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Hometown HGTV Lawsuit Explained

Hometown is an HGTV home renovation show featuring Ben and Erin Napier that takes place in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi. The show has enjoyed great popularity, but is now facing a lawsuit over its on-screen portrayal of Laurel.

Hometown HGTV Lawsuit Explained

Background of the Hometown HGTV Lawsuit

In October 2022, the city of Laurel and its mayor Johnny Magee filed a lawsuit against HGTV and the Hometown producers. The lawsuit alleges that the show presents a false portrayal of Laurel as a sleepy rural town, when in fact it is more urban and diverse. The mayor claims this depiction is damaging to the city’s image and economy.

Claims Made in the Lawsuit

Specifically, the lawsuit states that Hometown makes Laurel appear stagnant, backward, and far less progressive and diverse than portrayed on the show. The city aims to set the record straight on Laurel’s actual demographics and growth. They are seeking monetary damages from HGTV for the alleged false light portrayal.

HGTV’s Response

HGTV denies all claims made in the lawsuit. They stand by Hometown’s authentic and genuine representation of Erin Napier’s beloved hometown. HGTV believes the Napiers have brought great pride, tourism, and economic growth to Laurel through their televised home renovations. They plan to vigorously defend the case.

Uncertain Outcome

It remains to be seen how the case will unfold in court. Media portrayal lawsuits like this are rare and difficult to prove. The city of Laurel faces high legal barriers in demonstrating actual malice or damage from the show’s representation. For now, Hometown continues to film in Laurel for its seventh season while the lawsuit proceeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What city filed the lawsuit? The city of Laurel, Mississippi and its mayor Johnny Magee filed the lawsuit over the portrayal of their city on Hometown.

What show is being sued? The lawsuit names HGTV and the producers of the hit show Hometown starring Ben and Erin Napier. The show films in Laurel.

What damages does the lawsuit seek? The city aims to recover monetary damages from HGTV for the alleged false light the show paints of the city and the resulting economic impacts.

How does the show portray Laurel? According to the lawsuit, Hometown depicts Laurel as a backward, stagnant, rural small town lacking diversity and progress.

How does the city refute this portrayal? Laurel argues that in reality, the city is more urban and features greater diversity and growth than the sleepy rural representation shown on Hometown.

Will this affect the show? As of now, Hometown continues to film its seventh season in Laurel while HGTV defends against the lawsuit. It remains unclear if it will impact future production.

Could Laurel win the case? Media law experts say the city faces major legal hurdles to prove falsity and damages. These types of lawsuits are rare and hard to win.

What has been HGTV’s response? HGTV firmly denies the claims and believes Hometown provides an authentic, positive showcase of Laurel’s people and buildings. HGTV plans to vigorously contest the lawsuit.

Have the Napiers commented? As named hosts, Ben and Erin Napier have not directly commented amid the early lawsuit proceedings. Their show has brought Laurel great visibility and tourism.

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