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Hydro Mousse Lawsuits

Hydro mousse, also known as hydroseeding, is a method of planting grass seed that uses a slurry of seed, water, fertilizer, and mulch. It is sprayed in liquid form on prepared soil. Hydro mousse is popular for its fast results in establishing a grass lawn. However, several homeowners have filed lawsuits against hydro mousse companies due to failing lawns or harm from the spraying process.

Hydro Mousse Lawsuits

What is Hydro Mousse?

Hydro mousse, or hydroseeding, uses a mechanized spray gun to distribute grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier, and mulch in a slurry form onto prepared soil. The mulch in the mixture helps retain moisture and protects the seed, supporting good germination rates. Hydro mousse allows the fast establishment of grass in large areas like hillsides and parks. It yields results in 7 to 14 days.

Who is Suing Hydro Mousse Companies?

Homeowners with failed lawns or those who experienced harm during hydroseeding work have filed legal complaints and lawsuits against hydro mousse companies. Failure of hydro mousse to yield a lush lawn is often blamed on improper soil preparation, inferior seed mixes, or arid weather. In other cases, the hydroseed slurry has allegedly damaged property like driveways, vehicles, and power lines.

Illnesses and injuries have also sparked Emotional Distress Lawsuits. Homeowners near active hydro mousse work have reported concerns with airborne seed, mulch, and pesticides entering their property or being inhaled. Those who develop symptoms like rashes, breathing issues, and sore throats after nearby hydroseed spraying have pursued legal action citing negligence.

Types of Allegations in Lawsuits Against Hydro Mousse

Poor Lawn Growth Many hydro mousse lawsuits center on unsatisfactory lawn growth after the contracted work. Homeowners often assert:

  • Failure of the grass seed to properly germinate and grow
  • Improper choice of grass species unsuited to sunlight and climate conditions
  • Insufficient application of fertilizer, lack of soil aeration or improper pH balance
  • Over-seeding certain areas while under-seeding others

Property Damage

Allegations of damage from errant hydro mousse spraying is another basis for lawsuits:

  • Wood, brick or stone facades stained by hydroseed mixture
  • Mulch and grass clumps blocking gutters and drain pipes
  • Excessive overspray on structures and landscape features
  • Automobiles coated by spray intended for adjacent lots

Exposure Claims Health issues blamed on exposure to the materials in hydro mousse or the spraying process include:

  • Breathing issues like asthma attacks from grass seed and chemicals
  • Rashes and skin irritation from airborne fescues and ryegrasses
  • Eye irritation and infection linked to fertilizers
  • Illness in those with chemical sensitivities

What Damages Do Hydro Mousse Lawsuits Seek? Depending on the details of each case and governing state laws, hydro mousse lawsuits may seek recovery for:

  • Costs of hiring another landscaper to redo or repair failed lawn areas
  • Decreased property value from unsatisfactory lawns
  • Property damage from overspray requiring restoration services
  • Medical costs associated with symptoms blamed on hydroseed exposure
  • Pain and suffering damages like emotional distress
  • Punitive damages to punish and deter negligence

Recent Hydro Mousse Lawsuits and Verdicts Recent court complaints and news stories highlight the legal issues facing the hydro mousse industry:

  • A 2022 lawsuit alleges a botched hydroseeding job left a San Diego homeowner with inadequate grass growth and over $15k in restoration costs.
  • Oregon property owners sued a hydro mousse company in 2021 after spray intended for city property drifted onto their home.
  • A jury awarded Missouri homeowners $24k in 2020, finding negligence in the company’s hydroseed spraying methods led to significant lawn failure.
  • Washington state lawsuits allege hydroseed overspray in 2019 caused persistent breathing issues in children.

How Homeowners Can Avoid Hydro Mousse Problems If considering hydro mousse for establishing a new lawn, homeowners can take steps to prevent issues:

  • Vet hydro mousse contractors thoroughly and check reviews.
  • Ensure soil is properly prepared before spraying.
  • Request details on seed mixes and confirm suitability for sun/shade, climate and foot traffic.
  • Discuss spray containment plans if the property is sloped or near structures.
  • Opt out of pesticides and unnecessary additives.

Understanding the limitations of hydroseeding methodologies and setting clear expectations for lawn outcomes can help avoid dissatisfaction or legal issues. Those impacted by property damage or physical harm may still choose to pursue hydro mousse lawsuits or settlement negotiations regardless. But when performed properly under the right conditions, hydro mousse can successfully jumpstart a lush, resilient lawn.


What is hydro mousse?

Hydro mousse, or hydroseeding, uses a mechanized spray gun to distribute grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier, and mulch in a slurry onto prepared soil to quickly establish lawns.

Why do people sue hydro mousse companies?

Homeowners sue hydroseeding companies over failed lawns with poor germination or growth. Lawsuits also arise when the spraying process causes property damage from overspray or results in physical harm if chemicals or materials are inhaled.

What damages can someone recover in a hydro mousse lawsuit?

Depending on specific state laws, plaintiffs may seek recovery for costs to redo faulty lawn work, decreased home value, damage restoration services, medical costs for symptoms related to exposure, pain and suffering, and occasionally punitive damages.

How much money have homeowners recovered in hydro mousse lawsuits?

Recent verdicts awarded over $15,000 in restoration costs for lawn re-work and up to $24,000 for lawn failure that reduced property value. Exposure-related lawsuits often depend on medical expenses and emotional distress claims.

What steps can I take to prevent issues with my hydro mousse project?

Vet contractors thoroughly, ensure proper soil preparation, request suitable grass species for conditions, discuss containment plans if the property is sloped or near structures, and opt out of unnecessary pesticides. Setting clear expectations for outcomes is also wise.

How do I know if I have a valid claim against a hydro mousse company?

Signs of a potential claim related to unsatisfactory lawn growth, property damage from the spraying process, or health issues blamed on exposure include failing to meet the expected grass cover percentage, overspray on structures, and onset of respiratory issues or skin irritation near the time of hydroseeding work.

What if hydro mousse causes damage to my neighbor’s property?

You may be held responsible for any overspray or drift impacting your neighbor’s home. It is best to discuss spraying plans with adjacent property owners in advance and ensure the hydro mousse company takes precautions to contain the slurry.

Should I hire an attorney if pursuing a lawsuit against a hydro mousse company?

It is wise to consult an attorney experienced with property damage and exposure-related lawsuits to fully understand your options and legal rights. An attorney can handle negotiations and complex court proceedings.

How long do I have to file a hydro mousse lawsuit?

Deadlines vary significantly by state and case specifics. However, you should pursue legal action against the contractors as soon as possible to increase chances of recovery. An attorney can advise you on exact statute of limitation timeframes.

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