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The Joint Chiropractic Lawsuit

A group of chiropractors and customers recently filed a class action lawsuit against The Joint Chiropractic, one of the nation’s largest chiropractic franchises. The lawsuit alleges that The Joint uses misleading advertising to lure customers in for low-cost introductory appointments, then uses high-pressure sales tactics to sell overpriced treatment plans.

The Joint Chiropractic Lawsuit

Allegations Against The Joint The plaintiffs claim that The Joint advertises a cheap initial visit to get customers in the door, even though the company knows most people will not qualify for that price. According to the dkoldies lawsuit, this is a classic “bait and switch” scheme.

Once customers arrive for their appointment, the suit alleges that The Joint chiropractors use manipulative and deceptive practices to sell treatment plans costing thousands of dollars. These practices allegedly include:

  • Falsely claiming that customers need frequent, long-term treatment or their condition will get worse
  • Failing to adequately examine patients or properly diagnose their condition before recommending treatment
  • Grossly exaggerating symptoms to scare patients into signing up for care
  • Failing to clearly disclose pricing before starting treatment

The plaintiffs argue that these high-pressure tactics violate consumer protection laws in the states where The Joint operates. They seek to recover damages for customers as well as stop The Joint from further false advertising.

Response from The Joint The Joint Chiropractic has denied any wrongdoing and vowed to fight the class action lawsuit. In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said:

“The Joint adamantly believes that all of our practices and procedures related to the advertisement and delivery of chiropractic care strictly adhere to the highest ethical standards. We believe this lawsuit lacks merit and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves against these baseless claims.”

The Joint stands behind its transparent, low-cost pricing model, which they say makes chiropractic care more accessible and affordable to millions of patients.

Key Questions Surrounding the Case As the class action lawsuit proceeds, some key questions include:

  • How pervasive are the alleged practices? Is this a few rogue franchises or systematic wrongdoing?
  • What proof exists to back up claims of false advertising and manipulative sales tactics?
  • If deception did occur, how many patients were affected and to what extent?
  • How much responsibility lies with individual chiropractors vs. broader company policies in place at The Joint?
  • If the plaintiffs succeed, what should remedies entail? Fines? Injunctive relief regarding sales practices?

The answers to these questions will likely determine the outcome of the case. Both sides are gearing up for a long legal battle centered on the contentious issues around chiropractic treatment and consumer protection.


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Joint chiropractic lawsuit:

  1. Who is suing The Joint Chiropractic?

A group of chiropractors and former customers filed the class action lawsuit against The Joint in May 2022. They seek to represent wider groups of chiropractors and patients nationwide.

  1. Why are they suing The Joint Chiropractic?

The lawsuit primarily alleges deceptive marketing, advertising, and sales practices. This includes bait-and-switch advertising plus high-pressure sales tactics to sell expensive, unnecessary treatment plans.

  1. What laws did The Joint allegedly violate?

The litigation claims The Joint violated state consumer protection laws where they operate. These laws prohibit false, misleading, or manipulative business practices.

  1. What type of damages are the plaintiffs seeking?

They want monetary damages for any customers impacted by fraud. The amount could add up to millions if large classes get certified. They also want court orders to stop any ongoing deceptive practices.

  1. Does The Joint have any other lawsuits against them?

Yes, The Joint has faced a few other legal issues over the years. For example, a personal injury lawsuit related to a patient’s treatment and some lawsuits between franchisers and franchisees. But this consumer class action is arguably the most significant case yet.

  1. How strong is the case against The Joint?

It’s too early to determine the strength definitively. The plaintiffs will need to back up allegations with substantial evidence of systemic issues. The Joint also has resources to mount a vigorous defense. We may not know outcomes for months or even years.

  1. How could the lawsuit impact The Joint’s business?

If the plaintiffs prevail, it could mean big changes to how The Joint advertises services, interacts with patients, and sets pricing. They may need to implement consumer protection protocol. But even without a plaintiff victory, the negative attention could hurt business.

  1. Is The Joint the only chiropractor with allegations of overtreatment?

No, other chiropractic franchises have faced similar criticism and lawsuits. Industry observers argue over-prescription of long treatment plans is a problem across parts of the profession. Regulation and standards vary widely.

  1. What should I do if I suspect I encountered deception at The Joint?

If you feel a Joint chiropractor pressured you into unnecessary treatment, you can report them to your state chiropractic regulatory board. You may also be able to join this class action lawsuit by contacting attorneys involved to share your experience.

  1. Where can I follow updates on the lawsuit?

Check major news outlets regularly for updates. Also search for the specific case name online: Palmer et al. v. The Joint Corp. Further filings will appear on electronic court record systems like PACER. Discussing with an attorney is best to understand your rights.

The outcome of this class action case remains highly uncertain as both sides prepare for a legal battle around industry practices. But it has brought public scrutiny to concerns about overtreatment and deception issues in parts of the chiropractic field. Time will tell whether the lawsuit prompts broader changes across The Joint or the wider profession.

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