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Ekstensive Metal Works Lawsuit

Background of the Company

Ekstensive Metal Works is a fabrication and machining company based in Michigan. Founded in 1992, they specialize in providing custom metal components and assemblies to various industries including automotive, aerospace, and construction.

Over the past three decades, Ekstensive Metal grew into one of the largest metal works shops in the Midwest with over 500 employees across three facilities. They have worked closely with many Fortune 500 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers over the years.

Ekstensive Metal Works Lawsuit

Allegations Against the Company

In early 2022, a lawsuit was filed by a group of current and former Ekstensive Metal employees regarding violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Specifically, the plaintiffs allege that Ekstensive Metal:

  • Failed to properly compensate employees for overtime hours worked
  • Adjusted timecards to avoid paying overtime rates
  • Did not provide legally required meal and rest breaks
  • Retaliated against those who complained about wage issues

The plaintiffs argue that Ekstensive MetalWorks implemented various policies to pressure employees into working extra hours without pay. They estimate nearly 1,000 individuals could be impacted by these overtime pay violations over the 6 year statute of limitations period outlined in the FLSA.

Ekstensive Metal denies these allegations and has pledged to vigorously defend itself in court. They state that all employees have been properly compensated based on roles, responsibilities and hours worked.

Status of the Ekstensive Metal Works Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The plaintiffs requested a jury trial to determine if Ekstensive Metal Works violated labor laws.

Discovery and exchange of evidence between the plaintiffs and defendant is currently underway. Both parties are collecting documents and data, answering written questions, and identifying witnesses to interview.

No court date has been set yet but a tentative trial schedule for mid to late 2023 is expected. Several attempts to reach a settlement before trial have been unsuccessful so far.

The plaintiffs are seeking recovery of all unpaid wages owed, plus additional liquidated damages and legal fees reimbursed. With nearly 1,000 individuals potentially impacted, the total value sought could exceed $5 million dollars if the court rules in favor of the group.

We will have to wait and see how this plays out in court over the coming months as both sides prepare arguments to present before a jury. The verdict will determine if Ekstensive Metal Works is culpable for lost wages or if the claims lack sufficient evidence.

Consequences and Fallout

If found guilty of violating overtime pay requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act, Ekstensive Metal Works faces substantial financial penalties.

In addition to being required to pay out the owed wages to employees, the company would also have to cover liquidated damages equalling 100% of those lost wages. This doubling of damages is meant to deter companies from skirting labor laws. The legal fees arising from a lengthy trial process may cost Ekstensive millions as well.

However, the monetary consequences pale in comparison to the reputation damage Ekstensive Metal Works is likely to suffer if these allegations are proven true in court. Many large OEM clients have zero tolerance policies in place when it comes to labor violations within their supply chain.

Getting blacklisted by key customers could threaten Ekstensive Metal’s entire business model going forward. The plaintiff legal team plans to promote the case publicly to further pressure the company’s base of automotive and aerospace clients.

Ultimately though, the full impacts can’t be determined until the final verdict by the courts. Ekstensive Metal Works maintains the innocence despite the risks in play.

Ongoing Developments

As this situation continues unfolding over the coming months, several key developments will influence the trajectory of the case:

Additional employees coming forward: If more current or former workers join the lawsuit before the court cutoff date, the potential damages sought could rise significantly. Plaintiffs attorneys are advertising heavily to encourage participation.

Attempts at mediation: The judge may order both parties into further mediation to explore settlement options prior to a full jury trial. This would involve negotiations around the total wage reimbursements the company is willing to pay.

Request for employee arbitration: Ekstensive Metal Works may argue that those participating in the lawsuit are bound by arbitration agreements signed upon hiring. This would shift proceedings out of district court. However, the enforceability of those agreements may be challenged.

Appeals following a verdict: Depending on the eventual ruling, either side may file appeals to contest the jury’s decision. This would extend the total timeline by months or potentially years. Any monetary awards would be put on hold pending resolutions of appeals.

We will continue monitoring for any breaking developments as the lawsuit proceeds towards trial.


What are the main allegations against Ekstensive Metal Works?

The plaintiffs allege that Ekstensive Metal Works failed to pay appropriate overtime wages, adjusted employee timecards to avoid paying overtime, denied legally required breaks, and retaliated against those who complained about wage issues.

How many people could the lawsuit impact?

Nearly 1,000 current and former employees over the past 6 years may have been impacted by the alleged overtime payment violations.

What damages are the plaintiffs seeking?

The plaintiffs are seeking recovery of all unpaid wages owed plus additional equal liquidated damages. With 1,000 individuals potentially impacted, total damages could exceed $5 million.

Who filed the initial lawsuit?

The lawsuit was filed by a group of current and former Ekstensive Metal Works employees across the company’s three Michigan facilities.

When will the trial start?

No firm trial date has been set yet. Discovery and evidence collection is ongoing. Tentative estimates suggest a trial in mid to late 2023.

What are the potential penalties if Ekstensive Metal Works loses?

Beyond paying out unpaid overtime wages, Ekstensive Metal Works would have to cover an additional 100% of wages owed as liquidated damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Legal fees may exceed several million dollars as well.

Could Ekstensive Metal Works lose key customers?

Yes, many large OEMs have zero tolerance policies for labor violations. Getting blacklisted by key automotive and aerospace clients would threaten Ekstensive’s business model.

What happens if Ekstensive Metal Works wins the lawsuit?

If the jury rules in favor of Ekstensive, finding no evidence of systematic labor violations, then no financial penalties would apply and the company would be vindicated.

Could there still be additional legal proceedings after a verdict?

Yes, either side may file appeals following the initial jury verdict, extending the total timeline by months or years as appellate courts review the district court ruling.

Outlook Going Forward

As Ekstensive Metal Works fights the wage theft allegations in court as part of this Geico Class Action Lawsuit, major uncertainty hangs over the company’s future. Customer relationships, revenue forecasts, hiring plans, and financing options are all directly tied to how this lawsuits plays out over the next 12-18 months.

While upper management hopes to resume business as usual, that seems unlikely until the matter gets resolved through either a settlement or trial verdict. Too much reputational and financial risk exists if these claims are proven true before a jury.

Ekstensive Metal Works maintains it has always acted ethically and legally regarding employee compensation but the court proceedings will ultimately determine if systematic violations occurred. Until then, key stakeholders are in wait and see mode as this critical lawsuit runs its course.

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