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Everything about Kindig-It Lawsuit

Introduction to the Kindig-It Lawsuit

In 2022, Kindig-It Designs, a custom car fabrication company based in Utah, was sued by a group of chiropractors and wellness professionals over allegations of fraud and breach of contract related to a 1974 Dodge Charger build project. The case, referred to as the joint chiropractic lawsuit, has gained attention in automotive circles due to the high-profile nature of Kindig-It and the custom car industry.

Kindig-It Lawsuit

Background on Kindig-It Designs

Kindig-It Designs was founded in 1999 by Dave Kindig, a custom car builder and reality TV personality. The company specializes in one-of-a-kind custom fabrication and restoration projects for vintage cars and hot rods. Kindig and his team gained national recognition through their show “Bitchin’ Rides” on the Velocity Channel.

Details of the Dodge Charger Project

In 2019, Kindig-It began work on a 1974 Dodge Charger rebuild and customization project that was commissioned by a group of over 30 chiropractors and wellness professionals from around the country. The group paid Kindig-It an initial sum of over $230,000 as a deposit on the total project cost of $670,000.

Over the next two years, the project faced numerous delays and setbacks. The global pandemic, supply chain issues, and internal company factors at Kindig-It all contributed to slowing down work on the Dodge. Frustrations mounted as the chiropractors made additional payments but saw little progress on the car itself.

Fraud and Breach of Contract Allegations

In early 2022, the group of chiropractors filed a lawsuit against Kindig-It Designs and Dave Kindig personally. The lawsuit alleges fraud, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The plaintiffs claim Kindig-It misrepresented their ability to complete the project in order to continue collecting payments. Despite receiving over 50 percent of the total cost, the bare shell of a Dodge Charger is all the group has to show for their investment.

The chiropractors are seeking repayment of their deposited funds plus additional damages. For its part, Kindig-It has denied any intentional wrongdoing, instead attributing delays to factors outside of their control. Nevertheless, the lawsuit represents a serious legal threat for the popular customizer.

Responses and Next Steps

Both sides initially attempted mediation to settle the dispute out of court. When that failed, Kindig-It filed a formal response denying the core allegations of fraud. The company has retained a law firm specializing in construction contracting disputes to fight the chiropractors’ claims. Discovery and deposition proceedings may span many months as the extensive case makes its way towards eventual trial or settlement.

The lawsuit involving the joint chiropractic group has also spurred additional legal action from other Kindig-It clients. Similar lawsuits alleging poor project management, lack of communication, and refusal to refund deposits indicate wider issues at the once rising custom shop. How Kindig-It navigates its pending legal troubles may determine the future viability of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Kindig-It lawsuit:

What custom car company is being sued?

Kindig-It Designs, a high-end custom car shop in Utah known for the TV show “Bitchin’ Rides,” is the defendant in the lawsuit. Company owner Dave Kindig is also named personally as a defendant.

Who exactly is suing Kindig-It?

The plaintiffs are a group of over 30 chiropractors and wellness professionals from around the United States. They commissioned Kindig-It to build a custom 1974 Dodge Charger.

Why are they suing Kindig-It?

The group alleges that Kindig-It committed fraud and breach of contract related to the Dodge Charger project. They claim Kindig-It took over 50% of the total cost as deposit but failed to complete the car as agreed.

How much money is involved in the lawsuit?

The chiropractor group paid Kindig-It over $230,000 initially. The total cost of their project was to be $670,000. Their lawsuit seeks repayment of deposits, additional damages, legal fees and more.

What is Kindig-It’s response?

Kindig-It denies intentionally defrauding the group. They attribute delays to pandemic-related supply chain issues and other factors out of their control. Kindig-It has retained specialized construction law attorneys to fight the allegations.

Will the lawsuit affect Kindig-It staying in business?

It’s not yet clear. If Kindig-It loses, large repayment sums and damages could jeopardize operations. The lawsuit may also impact Kindig-It’s reputation and ability to attract new customers.

When will the lawsuit go to trial?

The extensive case will likely take many months to progress through discovery, depositions, pre-trial motions, and either settlement or trial. Expert testimony on custom car building contracts may play a key role.

Are other Kindig-It customers also suing?

Yes, several additional lawsuits against Kindig-it make similar allegations about refused refunds and lack of communication regarding build projects. This indicates wider issues beyond just the chiropractor group.

Where can I learn more about the lawsuits against Kindig-It?

Official court documents detailing the allegations are available through public records requests. Automotive media outlets are also covering the unfolding legal situation with updates on proceedings.

The joint chiropractic lawsuit against Kindig-It represents a pivotal challenge for the customizer once featured regularly on national television. How Kindig navigates the widespread displeasure around his shop’s business practices may ultimately decide if Kindig-It Designs can continue operating successfully.

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