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Old Spice Lawsuit – Must Know things

Old Spice deodorant and body wash products are the subject of a class action lawsuit filed in 2022 alleging the company makes false and misleading claims about the antiperspirant efficacy and scent longevity of these products. The plaintiffs claim that Old Spice fails to provide the advertised wetness and odor protection.

Old Spice Lawsuit

Details of the False Advertising Allegations

The lawsuit asserts that parent company Proctor & Gamble falsely markets Old Spice antiperspirants as providing “72 hour sweat protection” and body washes as offering “12 hour scent” when real world performance does not match these claims.

The plaintiffs argue that using these products as directed does not provide the claimed periods of wetness and odor protection. The lawsuit seeks damages for consumers who paid premium prices based on the marketing assertions.

Old Spice Deodorant Lawsuit

Old Spice deodorants specifically named in the false advertising lawsuit include Wild Collection Invisible Solid, Pure Sport 2021, and Wolfthorn lines.

The plaintiffs allege the 72 hour protection claim misleads buyers into thinking these deodorant products will keep underarms dry for a full three days when their effectiveness is much shorter in reality.

How to Join Old Spice Lawsuit 2022

The Old Spice class action was filed in New York federal court and is open to consumers nationwide who purchased the named products in the past few years. Class members must have proof of purchase such as receipts or product packaging.

You can register to join the lawsuit by submitting your contact info and purchase details to the law firm handling the case using their online form or mailing address. Settlements often award $1-$5 per product purchased.

Old Spice Class Action Lawsuit

This consumer class action alleging false and misleading advertising is still in early stages as of late 2022. The plaintiffs seek monetary damages, corrective advertising, and discontinuation of the disputed marketing claims.

Class actions like this Old Spice lawsuit bundle many individual consumer complaints into one case for efficiency and maximum impact. Gabapentin Class Action Lawsuit cases also rely on safety-in-numbers benefit.

Old Spice Lawsuit 2022

Along with the federal lawsuit, separate class actions were filed in 2022 against Old Spice deodorants and body washes in California, Florida, and Illinois making similar allegations of deceptive advertising regarding wetness and scent protection.

The lawsuits demand these products undergo independent lab testing to back up their claims. Settlements often involve revising marketing language, issuing rebates or coupons, and halting certain product claims.


Q: What Old Spice products are included?

A: Antiperspirants and body washes, mainly Wild Collection, Pure Sport, and Wolfthorn lines.

Q: What damages can consumers recover?

A: Likely a few dollars per purchase if a settlement is reached.

Q: Is Old Spice being recalled?

A: No recall yet. The litigation aims to stop the disputed claims.

Q: Where is the Old Spice lawsuit filed?

A: Federal court in New York along with state courts in CA, FL and IL.

Q: How do I join the Old Spice lawsuit?

A: Contact the law firm and provide purchase details to enroll as a class member.

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