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The QC Kinetix Gardasil Lawsuit and Consumer Deception

An Indiana man swung back at QC Kinetix via a proposed class action. In there he alleges misleading advertising and the concealment of information concerning non-surgical alternative pain treatment options that resulted in injuries. The QC kinetix lawsuit is a 28-page document with QC Kinetix and its operator QC Franchise Group at the centre of claims over violation of the state law on FDA approval disclosure and financing contract transparency.

QC kinetix lawsuit

Deceptive Advertising and FDA Approval:

Plaintiff alleges that QC Kinetix failed to appropriately disclose its non-surgical pain therapies. Specifically, the complaint argues that QC Kinetix neglected to disclose that these treatments include FDA-unapproved medicines. The complaint claims that failing to disclose vital information violates state law and puts consumers at danger by exposing them to unapproved therapies. (Read more at https://qckinetix.com/what-is-regenerative-medicine/ about their claim)

QC Kinetix’s claimed lack of FDA disclosure is at the core of the case. According to the complaint, customers have a right to know whether their medical procedures have regulatory clearance. The complaint claims that the lack of FDA approval information exposes people to medicines that have not been thoroughly reviewed by the FDA.

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Financial Mismanagement and Loan Payments:

QC Kinetix is accused of receiving loan payments for treatments without giving mandatory notice for cancellations and refunds. The complaint argues that financing contracts omitted important information, putting customers at risk of financial injury if they requested cancellations or refunds. Also, this is said to violate state legislation.

Personal Experience:

Plaintiff found QC Kinetix’s treatments online for joint pain alleviation. The complaint describes her experience, noting that the website did not indicate the therapies’ FDA clearance. After contacting the firm, she was sent to QC Kinetix – Champaign, a Regenerative Health of Champaign, LLC franchisee.

The lawsuit claims QC Franchise Group did not inspect medical records or imaging during her consultation. The complainant alleges she never saw a doctor at QC Kinetix – Champaign.

A complaint alleges a “high-pressure sales presentation” during the plaintiff’s session, leading to hip and shoulder injections despite her lower back nerve discomfort. Despite protests, the plaintiff agreed to five $20,000 therapy sessions.

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Not disclosing FDA approval:

Importantly, the court petition claims that QC Kinetix distributed therapeutic materials without revealing the absence of FDA clearance. Once the plaintiff had her first treatment, she was hustled to sign further forms showing the absence of FDA approval for her therapy.

Financial Agreements and Racketeering Allegations:

The plaintiff financed $20,000 therapy using a loan from Security First Bank and Proceed Finance. The complaint claims loan documentation misrepresented termination and return processes. The suit claims Proceed Finance and Security First committed racketeering and deception, violating federal law.

Consumer Suffering and Refund Disputes:

The plaintiff canceled additional treatments after seeing no improvements and developing acute shoulder discomfort after two sessions. With the lender informed and demanding a return, QC Kinetix – Champaign reportedly gave just $9,000. The case highlights the plaintiff’s rejection of further treatments owing to severe discomfort.


The suit seeks to represent those who contracted with QC Franchise Group LLC franchisees in Illinois and whose financing was arranged with Proceed Finance and Security First. It demands answers on behalf of consumers who potentially have dealt with misrepresentation and damage from poor financial decisions and inadequate disclose regarding FDA status surrounding QC Kinetix treatments. With these unfolding events, it becomes a battle about consumer rights at large and transparency within the industry whose primary aim is preservation and promotion of health and wellbeing.

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