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Must Know things about LaserAway Lawsuit

LaserAway is a company that provides laser hair removal and other aesthetic services at clinics across the United States. In 2022, LaserAway was hit with a class action lawsuit alleging fraudulent billing practices and misleading advertising about the potential risks and limitations of its services.

LaserAway Lawsuit

Allegations Against LaserAway

LaserAway was sued in California under allegations that the company engaged in fraudulent conduct in multiple aspects of their business. Some of the major allegations include:

  • Misrepresenting the risks and limitations of laser hair removal: The lawsuit claims LaserAway downplayed risks like skin discoloration and scarring while overstating the long-term hair reduction results.
  • Overbilling and charging for services not delivered: According to the lawsuit, LaserAway billed patients in advance for a set number of treatments but then refused to provide all the treatments patients prepaid for.
  • Deceptive membership model and automatically renewing contracts: LaserAway offers membership packages that autorenew each year unless members proactively reach out to cancel ahead of time according to strict notice terms. The lawsuit argues this model locks customers into unwanted charges.
  • Failing to provide appropriate supervision and training: There are accusations that LaserAway allowed underqualified technicians to operate laser hair removal machines, increasing risks to patients.

The lawsuit demands financial restitution for LaserAway’s customers, as the fraudulent billing practices resulted in patients paying more for services than legally appropriate. Out-of-pocket expenses are claimed to amount to thousands of dollars per customer. In a hydro mousse lawsuit, the plaintiffs also demanded compensation for fraudulent business practices.

LaserAway’s Response

In response to the lawsuit, LaserAway has denied any wrongdoing or fraudulent business practices. The company states that their advertising provides all the necessary information about the realistic expectations and risks posed by laser hair removal treatments.

The CEO of LaserAway, William Kirby, told the press that their membership program complies with all federal and state regulations regarding subscriptions and cancellations. Kirby expressed disappointment at the lawsuit, maintaining full confidence that the accusations will be disproven in court.


Here are some commonly asked questions about LaserAway and the lawsuit:

  1. Who filed the class action lawsuit against LaserAway?

The lawsuit was filed by four former LaserAway customers living in California. They filed a class action suit that aims to represent all LaserAway customers subjected to the alleged misconduct.

  1. What locations are impacted by the LaserAway lawsuit?

As of now, the lawsuit centers around LaserAway clinics located within the state of California. Over 150 LaserAway clinics operate across the United States.

  1. What fraudulent billing practices does the lawsuit claim?

The lawsuit specifically cites LaserAway overcharging patients for services not rendered. For example, patients claim they prepaid thousands of dollars for a set number of hair removal treatments, but LaserAway refused to provide all the prepaid treatments.

  1. Does the lawsuit involve personal injuries?

No, this consumer class action lawsuit does not allege patients suffered any personal injuries from LaserAway services. It focuses on financial losses and misleading business practices.

  1. What stages laser treatments are involved?

The LaserAway lawsuit concerns treatments like laser hair removal on areas such as legs, arms, bikini areas, backs, and chests. It does not focus on LaserAway’s skin rejuvenation and acne scar treatments.

  1. How much money does the lawsuit seek?

While an exact figure is unspecified, the lawsuit seeks return of all money unfairly obtained by LaserAway plus additional financial restitution. Some customer’s individual costs amounted to thousands per person.

  1. Has LaserAway had complaints lodged against it before?

Yes, the Better Business Bureau has processed several hundred complaints against LaserAway alleging issues with billing, contracts, and advertising claims.

  1. Does LaserAway have a chance of winning the lawsuit?

Legal experts say class action suits are notoriously unpredictable. LaserAway is a large company with the resources to fight the litigation for years. Settlements resolving such suits without a final verdict are common.

  1. What should existing LaserAway customers do?

Customers uncertain if they suffered any billing fraud or misconduct can consider consulting a consumer protection lawyer to understand their personal legal options and rights. They may be eligible to join the class action.

  1. How can potential LaserAway customers avoid issues?

Carefully read all contracts front to back before signing. Understand all costs, renewal terms, total treatments included upfront, and cancellation policies. Also research the provider thoroughly and consult reviews from independent sources. Consider alternatives as well.

Analysis of Lawsuit’s Implications

Should the plaintiffs prove successful in court, the lawsuit could have wider implications for the laser hair removal industry. Other providers operating similar subscription models with autorenewals may need to evaluate their own billing practices more closely to avoid litigation.

Patients may also get more cautious about prepaid aesthetic treatment packages. Competing laser hair removal providers could further differentiate themselves from LaserAway controversies by highlighting upfront pricing models and more flexible or transparent contracts.

The lawsuits ultimate outcome will significantly sway whether customers view LaserAway as an untrustworthy provider versus one unfairly accused of fraud. But other operators can take the recent spotlight on LaserAway’s business practices as an opportunity to position themselves as more patient-friendly alternatives.

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