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Vegamour Lawsuit Allegations

Haircare brand Vegamour is facing a proposed class action lawsuit accusing the company of falsely advertising that its expensive serums and supplements can help customers regrow hair and eyelashes. Plaintiffs claim Vegamour violated consumer protection laws by making unproven claims about product efficacy.

Vegamour Lawsuit Allegations

False Advertising Allegations Against Vegamour

The lawsuit’s core allegation is that Vegamour leverages misleading marketing, influencer partnerships, before/after photos and testimonials to overstate and misrepresent the ability of formulations like Gro Brow Serum and Gro Hair Serum to stimulate lash and brow growth for those experiencing thinning.

Despite lacking scientific evidence to back up definitive regrowth claims, Vegamour allegedly targets vulnerable customers struggling with conditions like alopecia and chemotherapy side effects while implying products provide similar efficacy to drug treatments without side effects.

The complaint asserts customers are unlikely to regrow hair to the extent depicted in Vegamour’s marketing, while the high product pricing further compounds harm from deceptive efficacy promises. Other class action lawsuits like the recent case against Zinus mattresses deal with similar allegations of failing to warn consumers about possible health risks from products advertised as safe and harmless.

How Vegamour Markets Hair Growth Products

Per the class action lawsuit, various promotional tactics used by Vegamour could mislead buyers about product performance for eyelash and eyebrow regrowth. These include:

  • Depicting remarkable before/after photos showing cosmetic-like enhancement
  • Touting “clinically shown” claims without sufficient randomized controlled trial proof
  • Using influencer testimonials praising dramatic regrowth results
  • Implying customer reviews confirm products work as powerfully as advertised
  • Promising eyelash growth serums lead to “visibly longer, thicker and darker” lashes
  • Downplaying safety and ineffectiveness complaints from dissatisfied purchasers

Plaintiffs Seek Relief for Misled Consumers

The Vegamour lawsuit aims to win compensation for customers nationwide who bought lash/brow serums and supplements but did not experience transformative regrowth closer to what the dramatic marketing imagery and claims portray according to filings.

This includes refunds for monthly subscription plans that plaintiffs argue renew automatically due to deceptive renewal practices the company allegedly utilizes to maximize profits. Certain customers have struggled to cancel subscriptions once realizing the products’ limited efficacy.

Vegamour Disputes Lawsuit Merits

Vegamour has denied allegations of false advertising, arguing its cosmetics make no guarantee of results. The company insists all marketing claims are adequately qualified and balanced with disclosures, while advertising techniques like testimonials and photos comply with regulations.

Vegamour states that lash and brow conditions have many causes, so consumer experiences may understandably vary regardless of product safety or formula efficacy. The brand stands by customer satisfaction rates.

Prior Class Actions Against Beauty Product Advertising Claims

Other major cosmetics companies like L’Oréal, Rodan + Fields and Nioxin have recently faced class action lawsuits targeting allegedly deceptive advertising about hair regrowth. This includes claims questioning before/after imagery usage and unsupported statements about product testing and reviews.

While varied in allegations, such lawsuits ultimately seek relief for consumers who feel misled by marketing tactics into purchasing ineffective, overpriced products that failed to deliver on dramatic claims. Settlement remedies have included refunds and expanded disclaimer requirements.Similar class actions have been brought alleging misleading marketing practices over lack of safety warnings, including the Zinus Mattress Lawsuit around fiberglass hazards.


Q: What products are covered under the Vegamour lawsuit?

A: Mainly the Gro Brow Serum, Gro Lash Serum and Gro+ Advanced Replenish supplements.

Q: Can Vegamour products cause side effects or reactions?

A: No major safety issues are alleged, though individual experiences may vary with use. Effectiveness is the central dispute.

Q: How much money could I receive in a settlement payout?

A: Likely depends on purchase receipts submitted, but possibly full refunds if successful.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Vegamour class action?

A: U.S. residents who purchased Gro lash/brow serums or supplements in recent years.

Q: How do Vegamour subscriptions work?

A: Auto-delivery plans bill monthly with loyalty discounts, but cancellation can be difficult per allegations.

Q: Have Vegamour products been recalled? No, the litigation focuses on purported false efficacy marketing rather than safety.

Q: When will the false advertising lawsuit conclude? A: Most class actions take 2-3+ years to fully resolve via settlement or trial.

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